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About Us

AboVe is a business partner with a proven record of accomplished services across a wide range of leading enterprises and government institutions. We provide ICT Services, tailored designed to stay ahead on a Customer Centric cloud enabled future, addressing:

• Customer Engagement;

• Customer Behavior;

• Customer Journey;

• Professional Services;

Our Vision

Simplifying a complex world.

Our Mission

Rise Expectations through with passionate people, process efficiency and technology innovation.

Our Values

Whenever we are working with customers or developing new services, the operational performance, customer satisfaction, integrity, cost efficiency and sustainability are always driving our thinking.

Our Services

We lead the way that ICT solutions and support services rise your Customer Experience, on the cloud services landscape, creating the foundation for new business development.

Customer Engagement

The combination of our expertise and detailed understanding of how ICT enables your business, allow us to plan and advice short to long-term Digital Transformation Strategies, so you can focus on what matters the most - your Customer.

As a result of this focus, AboVe Development Process enhances your organization efficiency, productivity, Go-to-Market strategy and Customer Engagement, significantly reducing the overall risk, time and cost associated with software development.

Customer Behavior

Organizations are struggling to avoid time-consuming mistakes, ensuring software gets to market faster than your competitors.

AboVe QoE - Quality of Experience Services addresses the life experience of using a huge variety of devices and browsers to better understand your Customer Behavior.

Our expert consultants marry an understanding of your vital business needs, like regulations, compliance, resilience, zero downtime and control of your apps and websites.

Customer Journey

Organizations return on technology investment can be maximized by ensuring end-users maintain their proficiency through in-application performance support.

AboVe helps organizations return on investment by providing training content, and end-users assistance cloud based, collaborative, multi-device knowledge management platform.

Additionally, AboVe provides the ability to monitor, capture and analyze business process performance.

Professional Services

Over many years, our highly skilled professionals have accumulated the knowledge and experience to take on a consulting role. We operate in close harmony with our clients, this allows us to be an integrated part of the IT function within a business. We can take over part of the IT function, is up to technology we look after:

• Project Management;

• Business Process & Functional Analysis;

• System Development & Integration;

• Systems architecture & Security.

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